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Crumbzz Offerings

Fall In Love With Breakfast Again

Mornings are made for getting back in touch with you . . . a window by the garden, with the sun streaming in and the smell of fresh coffee. Time to enjoy the day come alive, to watch the sun rise and the world awaken and most importantly a time to treat yourself to something special. Join us in making your morning a celebration with family, friends and great food.

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Gaulfres de Liege Waffles

Gaufres de Liege Waffles

Although the Belgium waffle is the most common waffle in the United States, the Liege Waffle, created in the eighteenth century, is by far, the most popular waffle in Belgium. Prized for its unique qualities, the recipe for the Liege Waffle was placed under the guard of The Prince Bishop of Liege.

Crumbzz brings its version of this smaller, sweeter and denser Brussels waffle to the states exclusively at our Forney European Bistro. The caramelized Crumbzz recipe is so rich in flavor, that it requires no syrupy toppings. Freshly baked using authentic European Liege waffle irons, our Gaufres de Liege Waffles are served with your choice of cinnamon streusel butter or fresh fruit toppings.

Catalina Isles Eggs Benedict

Catalina Isles Eggs Benedict

We craft two perfectly poached farm-fresh eggs and rest them on a pair of Caribbean battered lump crab cakes. We top it all off with a key-lime hollandaise sauce. Our crab cakes are fresh made so you won't find your typical frozen, mostly bread, crab cakes, like most restaurants. This Caribbean twist to the always classic Eggs Benedict is one of our most popular dishes.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Gamberaia Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Our Gamberaia Lemon Ricotta Pancakes trace their origin to our maternal grandparents who were born and raised in the hills of Florence Italy. Bearing the name of the beautiful Villa Gamberaia, an historic villa, built in the early 1600s and noted for its magnificent gardens, our homemade Gamberaia Lemon Ricotta Pancakes were created with a Sunday morning garden stroll in mind.

Keeping with their Italian heritage, imported Ricotta Cheese assures a moist yet firm pancake. Plump Oregon blueberries and tart lemon curd topping provide light springtime undertones that speak to their Italian countryside origins.

Whole Grain Crisp Cereal

Whole Grain Crisp Cereal

Sweet crispy flakes, whole grain oats, juicy raisins and delicious oat clusters, topped with fresh berries with a slice of seven-grain bread



Crumbzz Signature Oatmeal

Crumbzz Parisian Signature Oatmeal

Our Parisian style oatmeal comes from a small town east of Paris. Our thick and creamy whole grain oats are streusel bruleed just like your favorite Creme brulee and feature fresh strawberries and blueberries. Accompanied by a slice of lightly toasted seven-grain bread, this delightful offering will magically transport you right to the small village in France where it originated.

Jamaica Banana Rum French Toast

Jamaica Banana Rum French Toast

We generously portion two slices of Challah Egg Bread and hand-dip each in Jamaican banana rum milk. Topped with fresh bananas, banana rum syrup & banana butter, our baked to perfection Banana Rum French Toast is exactly how we enjoyed it on the Island. The spiced rum that we bring back with us from our visits, provides the unique flavor you won't find in any other french toast. Baking our french toast (versus the traditional grilling) assures a deliciously crispy (not soggy) breakfast offering.

Taylor Ham, Jalapeno Sausage, Candied Bacon

Taylor Ham    Jalapeno Sausage    Candied Bacon

At Crumbzz, even our side dishes are unlike anything you'll find in north Texas. Taylor ham from New York, jalapeno sausage from Belize and brown butter candied bacon from Canada* makes adding a side dish at Crumbzz a truly a worldwide adventure!

* Our Candied bacon is a featured dish served on specific holidays and special occasions only. Call to see availability.

Caprise Salad at Crumbzz

Caprese Salad

Crafted just like we found it in the Campania region of southern Italy, our classic Caprese salad features locally grown vine ripened tomatoes, fresh Buffalo Mozzarella from the finest Mozzarella producer in the nation (Mozzarella Company, located right here in Dallas' Deep Ellum), garden fresh basil (grown fresh at Crumbzz), a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and topped with fresh cracked pepper.


Gruyere Souffle

Gruyère Soufflé

A properly made Soufflé is not only a site to behold but also a wonder to the senses. Its French origin is based on the word souffler, which loosely means to puff. Light and airy, Crumbzz version of this delightful dish features a Swiss Gruyère cheese and Italian Parmigiano-Reggiano.

When baked as a soufflé, the two-cheese combination marries the creamy sweetness of the Gruyère with the sharp, complex flavors of the Parmigiano to produce an unbelievably light yet robust soufflé.

Accompanied by a lightly seasoned spinach salad, our Gruyère Soufflé Salad combination is a wonderful addition to any day.

Egg White Omelet

Whole Egg and Egg White Omelets

Crumbzz whole egg and egg white Omelets are a wonderfully healthy way to start the day. Farm fresh eggs from natural fed, cage free chickens, produce a light fluffy omelet that's bursting with flavor. Fresh leaf spinach and Parmigiano cheese complete this ultimate omelet creation. Guests are able their omelet just as they like it with their choice of baby spinach, mushrooms, parmesan cheese, onions, tomatoes and two different uniquely Crumbzz meats. Accompanied by a toasted slice of seven-grain or farmers bread.



Mushroom Spinach Quiche

LaFranc Quiche

There are two things to look for in a good quiche, the fluffiness of the eggs and the flakiness of the crust. Fresh made quiche's have a light flaky crust and a light creamy feel. There is only one way to achieve this balance and that is to make your quiche from scratch. And that means not only the egg and vegetables but also the crust. Add garden fresh vegetables and you have the makings of a true culinary delight.

Our two LaFranc Quiche provide you with two very different choices; Our mushroom spinach & onion quiche is loaded with garden fresh mushrooms and spinach and sauteed onions. Our Taylor Ham & asparagus quiche features grilled Taylor Ham and garden fresh asparagus and gruyere cheese. both are not only a beauty to behold but also an exquisite dining experience that you won't soon forget. With the addition of fresh strawberries, grapes and orange garnish, either quiche makes a wonderful light breakfast or lunch.

Jalapeno Grits

Baleada Jalapeno Corn Cheese Grits

Our most popular side dish was found in Honduras where street vendors sell them wrapped in corn tortilla's. Because of how they are made, these grits are unlike any grits you've ever had. Made fresh every day, we leave the Jalapeno seeds in to assure a spicy cheese grits that have a real kick. If you like corn tortillas and Jalapenos, you'll love these grits! served as a side with any dish we offer.

Tomato Basil Soup with Albacore Sandwich

Classic Sandwiches

You haven't had a truly great egg sandwich until you've tasted one of our unique offerings. Both feature free range eggs nestled in a toasted Ciabatta with a dash of imported gruyere cheese. Choose to have your choice of either a thick slice of New York City's famous Taylor Ham or our unbelievable Belizean Jalapeno sausage to finish off the finest egg sandwich in the DFW area. Top it off with a steaming cup of our deep, rich, custom blended coffee's and you've got a breakfast's that will keep you coming back for more. The 'Original' Taylor Family's Taylor Ham and our homemade Belizean Jalapeno sausage are Crumbzz Texas exclusives.


Grilled Portobello Burger

Grilled Portobello Burger

We take a fresh jumbo Portobello Mushroom and saute it in a unique combination of Jamaican spices, blanched baby spinach and our homemade sun-dried tomato aioli. We then top it all with Monterey Jack cheese and nestle it on a toasted Ciabatta roll. Accompanied by Beefsteak Tomatoes and Romaine Lettuce, this is the ONLY way to make one great tasting healthy dish.


Jalapeno Burger

Jalapeno Burger

Handmade by Crumbzz Chefs, this juicy burger is not your typical tasteless burger. Infused with fresh Jalapenos (seeds removed to provide all that great Jalapeno flavor without the burn) and topped with Monterey Jack cheese a fresh tomato and Romaine lettuce, our half pound burger is a meat eaters dream.


Impossible Burger

Impossible Burger Sliders

You've never had anything like an Impossible Burger and our Impossible Burger Sliders are the best in the country!

If you're like us, you want to eat healthy, but healthy usually means tasteless. Not anymore! Our three All Natural, made entirely from vegetables, Impossible Burger Sliders are the juiciest burgers you'll ever eat. Cooked rare, medium rare or any way you want, This is a burger made for Meat Eaters. Topped with caramelized onions, gooey cheddar cheese & accompanied by two great dips, sun-dried tomato aioli and spicy French Moutarde, enjoy tomorrow's burger today!


Tomato Basil Soup with Albacore Sandwich

Roma Tomato Basil Soup & Albacore Tuna Sandwich Combination

Unlike the "traditional" U.S. tomato basil soup recipe, we craft our tomato basil soup from the original Roma Tomato Basil Soup recipe direct from Florence Italy. Our soup is thickened with Italian Roma Tomatoes and seasoned with our very own fresh grown basil. You can enjoy our Roma Tomato Soup in a cup or bowl or better still, join it with our Scandinavian inspired Albacore Tuna salad or sandwich on toasted seven-grain bread.

French onion soup in dallas tx

French Onion Soup

Our French Onion Soup is made just like the traditional French Onion Soups found in the great cafes of France. Fresh caramelized onions, a french onion soup that is crafted using a fine Cabernet wine and imported Gruyere cheese, flamed to just the right consistency, topping a toasted to perfection French Baguette, make this a wonderful stand-alone delight in a cup or bowl or as a combination with one of our great sandwiches or salads.

San Miguel Tuna Jack Nochalettes

San Miguel Tuna Jack Nochalette's

True to the Baja California town of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where we first enjoyed this delightfully addictive dish, we place white tuna, sour cream and Monterey Jack cheese on a bed of individually toasted Tortilla chips and top each with juicy jalapeno peppers. It's a combination that brings to life the unique flavors of this southwestern Mexico seashore dish. We guarantee that this will become your new favorite go to dish for when the munchies arrive.

Albacore Tuna Sandwich

Albacore Tuna Sandwich

If you don't like tuna to taste fishy.. we got a tuna sandwich (or salad) right up your alley. We found ours in Aarhus, Denmark where they don't like fish to taste fishy. We honor that tradition by crafting our tuna just like they do in Denmark by combining Albacore tuna, strips of Granny Smith apples, cranberries, crisp celery and our special Aarhus seasoning to create a tuna sandwich you won't soon forget.

Tomato Basil Soup with Albacore Sandwich

Fribourg Grilled Cheese

A wonderful grilled cheese brought to America from one of our favorite bistro's in Germany. Imported Gruyere cheese, pan seared bell mushrooms and caramelized Valencia onions, melted on grilled seven-grain bread. Accompanied by a kosher dill pickle and kettle chips. This sandwich is a wonderfully satisfying lunch dish by itself or combined with one of our old world soups.

Tuscany Garden Sandwich

Tuscany Garden Sandwich 

If you're looking for a wonderfully light, Mediterranean dish, our Tuscany Garden Sandwich is the perfect choice. Fresh Mozzarella, garden fresh Roma tomatoes and homemade pesto on a grilled Ciabatta roll combine to make this a delightfully delicious sandwich. Served with strawberries, grapes and an orange slice.


Garamand Salad

Garden Gourmand Salad

We start with garden fresh baby spinach, add toasted walnuts, dried cranberries, parmesan croutons and spritz with a light raspberry vinaigrette for a wonderfully light luncheon delight.


Dublin Works All Natural Soda

Dublin Bottling Works All Natural Sodas

Direct from the original Dr. Pepper Bottling plant in Waco, TX, we're proud to feature the Dublin line of all natural sodas. With a choice of Root Beer, Retro Grape, Orange Cream, Tart & Sweet Lemonade, Vanilla Cream, Cherry Red Cola and Diet Root Beer, there's a choice of flavors for everyone.


Vanilla Cinnamon Crumbler Ice Cream

Vanilla Cinnamon Crumbler Ice Cream

Our delicious homemade vanilla ice cream is infused with our world renowned cinnamon streusel and topped with our oven toasted crumbs. You won't find a creamier ice cream anywhere.



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