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crumb cake ingredients

Crumbzz makes the finest, high-quality Crumb Cakes in the world. Consistently chosen by discriminating enthusiasts who value quality of taste, above all else, Crumbzz focuses on using natural, sustainable farming techniques for all of its products. Each Crumbzz Creation is a hand baked to order crumb cake, using old world techniques, to produce a work of art for the eyes as well as the palate.

Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar, Saigon Cinnamon from Vietnam, Dark Muscovado Brown Sugar from The Mauritas, European low gluten flour, locally produced free range eggs, premium unsalted butter from local Golden Guernsey Milk Cows and Farm Fresh Fruit Preserves, form the basis of every Crumbzz Cake. No mixes, artificial ingredients, preservatives or chemicals go into any Crumbzz offering.

We Are Not Organic! If you haven't already noticed, the term "organic" does not grace any of our product descriptions. Why? Because although our focus is on using environmentally sound practices, we balance this focus with four, sometimes-competing missions; support of the local small farmer, fair trade, sustainable farming and quality of product.

Local Farmer Support: To encourage and support the local Farmer, whenever possible, we purchase our ingredients from small local farmers. The requirements to meet official "organic" labeling are often beyond the capabilities of these hard-working producers. Although we support "Organic" labeling, a look at the list of certified organic farmers, will find most to be medium to large organizations. Although many medium-to-large farmers provide excellent products, we are intent on assisting the small farmer in finding an avenue to market their quality products.

Fair Trade Sustainable Farming: Our focus is not to maximize our profit at the expense of the local Farmer and Itinerant Workers who toil each day to assure their product gets to market. Nor will we participate in unsustainable farming that ruins the land in the name of profit.

Quality of Product: Since our mission is to provide the finest quality homemade Crumb Cakes, we will always choose a superior ingredient over a lower quality ingredient regardless of cost. Sometimes this requirement will eliminate a fair traded, organic or local farmer from the process. In short, we will not reduce the quality of our product to achieve our other goals. We do however, encourage our providers to upgrade their methods and/or find other suppliers who meet the same quality levels utilizing fair trade, and environmentally sound principles.


We use growth hormone free whole milk from free grazing Guernsey and Jersey cows which contains significantly higher beneficial fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins than their conventionally fed counterparts. Butter from these cows is seductively creamy, with a long lingering finish. Used in the baking of all Crumbzz Cakes and Minizz Snack Cakes, it provides a tempting, buttery aroma and mouthwatering flavor. In addition, it enhances the color and texture of our crumbs and promotes a warm deep browning.

crumb cake ingredients


Most bakers will tell you that soft winter wheat makes the best flour for baking. In addition, extra sifting of the flour assures that the cake is light, yet firm. Crumbzz uses European low gluten flour in all our crumb cakes. Although most people won't ask what flour went into our crumb cakes, we feel the difference is one of the many things that sets a Crumbzz Creation apart.


The 2007 Mother Earth News egg testing project found that, compared to official USDA commercial eggs, eggs from hens raised on pasture can contain up to:

  • 1/3 less cholesterol
  • 1/4 less saturated fat
  • 2/3 more vitamin A
  • 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
  • 3 times more vitamin E
  • 7 times more beta carotene

Crumbzz procures from our local farmers market, pastured eggs, when available, and free range eggs, at all other times. We find that pastured, free-range eggs add depth and richness to our products. In addition, the humane treatment, using a sustainable model, compliments our mission.


Although we do not make the coffees and teas we recommend, like a fine wine, we are intent on pairings that compliment each of our individual creations.

Working closely with industry specialists Kyle Stewart and Phil Krampoetz of The Cultured Cup in Dallas, TX results in outstanding combinations.

As sommeliers of fine coffee's and teas, Kyle and Phil use their trained palate's to individually pair each recommended coffee and tea to compliment the paired CRUMBZZ offering.


Recognized as one of the premier vanillas of the world, Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla has a creamy, rich flavor that is perfectly suited for our cakes and Minizz Snack Cakes. The organic beans we use, add a creamy, sweet, full flavor with velvety after tones to all of our Crumbzz Creations.

crumb cake ingredients


The natural, unrefined sugars from the African island nation of Mauritius are particularly special because they retain much of the flavor of the cane grown on soil rich with volcanic ash. Long enjoyed in Europe, the sugars have only recently become available in the United States.

Dark Muscovado Sugar has a fine, moist texture, high molasses content, and a strong lingering flavor that blends well and adds to the depth and richness of our crumbs.

White Caster or superfine sugar allows us to produce a slightly finer crumb and a lighter, more delicate crumb cake.


In every other part of the world, "cinnamon" means Ceylon cinnamon; Because of its lower cost, the United States, uses a bolder, spicier species of cinnamon known as Cassia

We find the subtle complexity of flavor and texture of Ceylon Cinnamon from Vietnam, to be the perfect match for our crumbs. It builds gradually into a complex symphony of rich floral flavors and aromas that compliment rather than overwhelm. Although expensive and often hard to find, Ceylon Cinnamon from Vietnam is a vital part of our basic ingredient set.

crumb cake ingredients - cinnamon
crumb cake ingredients - Chocolate


Since every nuance of color, fat content, and flavor can have an impact on our final product, we require our chocolates to contain a minimum of 60 percent cacao. With strong notes of cinnamon and vanilla as well as the dark sugars and other ingredients that go into a Crumbzz Cake, finding a chocolate that is strong enough to be heard, yet subtle enough not to overpower the careful balance of flavors, is a challenge. Working closely with Barry Callebaut at their Chicago Chocolate Academy", we were able to identify one very special Origine chocolate from Tanzania that adds a unique richness and depth that cannot be found with any other chocolate. Chocolate, like a fine wine, carries with it the subtleties and nuances of its origin. This goes beyond regions or countries. Even specific plantations have their own tastes and feel and as with wine, vary from season to season. The Tanzanian chocolate found on our Chocolat de la Terre Crumbzz Cake and Minizz Snack Cakes is a truly unique experience for the chocolate lover.

crumb cake ingredients


Whenever possible, we use Hungarian Lekvars in our Fruit of the Seasons Crumbzz Cakes and Minizz Snack Cakes. These thick pure fruit jam's originate in Central and Eastern Europe. The pieces of fruit that are found in most Lekvar's, burst with flavor. Made from fresh cherry, sour cherry, apricot, peach, strawberry, plum, prune and raspberry, we vary our flavors to match the season. For our apricot filled offerings, we favor B&R Farms Sun-Dried Apricots- This company's California Blenheim apricots trounced all others in our taste tests. Their rich blood orange color only hinted at the robust full-bodied flavor to follow. B&R's Dried Apricot Toppings hold their rich flavor throughout the entire baking process and are always a favorite when their seasonal availability is offered.